14th January 2021 - COVID-19 Vaccination Update

20th January 2021

COVID-19 Update

We are running a vaccination clinic tomorrow 21st January for 800 patients using the Astra Zeneca vaccine. 

There is some good news

We are getting 975 Pfizer and 800 AZ vaccines next week and the cohorts have been expanded to over 70 year olds and the extremely vulnerable. 

We are still restricted to the priorities set out by the JCVI

 “Sites should continue to offer vaccination in a priority order on the basis of the advice from the Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI). Sites should have finished vaccinating their care home residents and staff (cohort 1) by Sunday 24th January. They should then continue to offer vaccine as a priority to anyone remaining in cohort 2 as the next priority (80 years and over, Health and Social care workers). It is then permissible to move into cohorts 3 (75 years and over) and 4 (70 years and over as well as clinically extremely vulnerable individuals)”

 We will be contacting patients shortly, in the first instance via text messaging inviting them to attend.  This auto-booking system works really well.  We will also be telephone patients who do not have mobile phones.

Please be patient about being called we have over 4,000 patients over 70 years of age still to vaccinate across the local network of practices and we will only get through half of these numbers next week. 

We are vaccinating as soon as we can but we are still limited by the number of vaccines we are receiving.

We are still prohibited from giving second vaccinations.